A Sanctuary for Pigs in Africa Submit
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Welcome to Pigs ‘n’ Paws

Thank you for joining us!

We are based in the Hennops River Valley in the province of Gauteng, South Africa - and as far as we know, are the only registered Pig Sanctuary in South Africa, possibly in the whole of Africa. I hope to be proved wrong as there is a sad need for pig friends this side of the world.

Living on a continent that is in the midst of one human disaster or another and with a fast disappearing iconic Wild life, you may ask…

Why Pigs? For starters, we love lost causes and this battle is lost before we have even begun. While we save one pig, millions are being slaughtered every minute. And of course, we love Pigs. How could you not? As a Sanctuary we have had to learn the hard way - on our own with no precedent, no one to turn to when things went horribly wrong. Mistakes? We have made a few. We have learned and are still learning. I don’t think we will ever stop learning.

Come with us on this rich, rewarding,

Sometimes sad and frustrating journey.

Come meet the pigs …. And some paws.

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